Francine D Pritt, MS, LPC, NCC


I have helped my clients move beyond their difficulties to make positive life changes.  Everyone deserves to be validated and have a secure place to discuss past and present issues.  Everyone deserves to have their symptoms minimized or diminished. 

Being proactive and working through your issues versus avoidance and its negative side effects, increases your own resilience & growth, along with increased optimism and self-efficacy.

I incorporate proven and effective counseling techniques, 

including EMDR therapy. 

EMDR therapy is a way to access a natural healing process that is familiar to our bodies.

 Clinical Hypnotherapy, CBT, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, along with mind-body techniques will be part of your treatment. 

A research-validated therapy known as EMDR —  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing — may promote healing for people shackled to their past.  EMDR helps resolve troubling emotions such as fear, self-doubt, guilt, or shame that are associated with traumatic events, both large and small.  These unsettling feelings may not be fully understood, yet they influence how we relate to others and perceive our lives.  EMDR therapy transforms “stuck” or unprocessed memories through “new learning,” resulting in healthier, more adaptive behaviors.

CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY is a guided process to help your mind focus while you are in a deeply relaxed state to process and create positive change. Hypnotherapy is widely researched and has been used since the 18th century.





  Successful therapy will translate into your life being better  

                                   Sooner rather than later......