Francine D. Pritt, MS, LPC, NCC


Client Testimonials 

"Francine, your Hypnosis and EMDR therapy has given me a new outlook. I am grateful” S.P

"Working with Francine through EMDR has given me the tools to recognize depressive episodes and take actionable steps to see myself through them."-AA

"EMDR therapy was life-changing, it helped my anxiety, insomnia, fibromyalgia, and PTSD. EMDR has changed my overall health"- LM

"My experience with you changed what I thought was possible for me, and provided a way to identify a path forward. I would not have been able to identify without your support and EMDR" - Selena

“I have chosen a healthier life path and made major changes due to your hypnosis, thank you Francine  .” - K

"I highly recommend Francine Pritt. I am living a better life because of the tools she has provided. I was a skeptic about EMDR and am now an advocate. She is a genuinely caring person. I am grateful to have worked with her. - Susan

"I'm 2 1/2 years sober today, thanks to Francine & EMDR therapy.  Life is never easy, but I'm so much better prepared to live it & enjoy it now." - VG 

“I am now able to drive or fly without a panic attack, thank you Francine” -Jill

"EMDR allowed me to be gentle with myself. My family relationships have immensely improved and I have the tools now to deal with stress and anxiety in healthier ways. I can now recognize unhealthy relationship patterns and have the tools to walk away from what no longer serves me. I formed a loving relationship with myself that has given me peace. EMDR allowed me to heal the trauma that was lingering for 20+ years. I can finally move forward with my life instead of looking back. Thank you for everything! You made a huge difference in my life and I am forever grateful" - Jenna

"I have been able to drive for the first time in five years without a panic attack or intense fear because of EMDR. It has truly changed my life, and I recommend it to everyone in life that struggles with trauma or PTSD" -  C.T. 

"Taking the steps helped me get back into enjoying day-to-day rather than fearing it" - R.N.

"EMDR therapy, along with the deep breathing strategies Francine taught me, have significantly reduced my anxiety. Thank you Francine for helping me manage my anxiety effectively!"- Ron

“The techniques I used have been truly beneficial to me and my well-being ". - Michelle