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Take a Real Break

Posted on July 9, 2015 at 12:55 AM


For some people, summer is a time to get away and take a vacation or"stay-cation". During this time a real break means time to relax, unwind,disconnect from work, life commitments and decompress.

When I lived in Europe for a few years, I witnessed that every August the vast amount of businesses shut down-for the Whole Month! Everyone went away to a little cottage, a villa by the sea, a small space of land where they had a "tiny" home and green space/garden, camping, or somewhere to connect with nature.

This one month of pure content included seasonal foods and beverages and time with family and friends. Often, they saved their money all year long to enjoy a month of serenity. This vacation did not include all the tourist traps that many Americans believe is the ideal vacation which the brain sees as just another busy day at the office, school or home life. The brain does not realize it’s on vacation, it just sees high stimulation.

Taking a Real Break does not mean having to spend a large quantity of money.

Stay within a normal means of what you can afford based upon your income.

It means finding something you enjoy to do that will ground you. These moments of time should be focused on being physically still; such as: look

at nature,use your senses, smell, hear, touch, even taste, to connect yourself. For example: garden or play in the dirt like a kid, fly a kite or

watch a bird flutter from branch to branch. No idle chit chat or talking to others is necessary. Literally be "one with nature".

It's okay that from time to time your brain will want to focus on what's next with what you have not completed at work/school or upcoming events/tasks (I will write in the future about healthy work/school habits and completion of responsibilities),but make a conscience effort to clear your thoughts and enjoy the break while it lasts.


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